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Born in Inglewood and raised in Los Angeles, California Antwon King was born to do music.  His mother and father were both avid music lovers and always played music in the house.  Soul and R&B tunes blasted from the stereo constantly which made his appreciation for music grow.  One day his baby sitter at the time put on a record that would change his life! The record was called “Eric B. is President” and he has been an avid hip hop fanatic ever since.  Throughout his life, he has seen his friends join gangs and go to jail for selling drugs.  You would think somebody raised in South Central LA would glorify violence and crime like so many other rappers, but Antwon isn’t your ordinary rapper, he decided to take another route.  He began writing poetry in school, mainly to get the attention of the girls he had his eye on, but soon those poems became hip hop songs. He cites Rakim, Nas, and Tupac as his greatest influences and his style is a combination of everything and everyone that has inspired him.  A God-fearing man who is active in his Community, he states “I want my music to inspire people and still make their head nod.  I make soul music in every sense of the word with a hip hop twist on it.”   

Antwon decided to make his main focus his music, so he dropped out of College to pursue it full time.  However, Antwon is much more than just a “rapper” he is also a very talented music producer.  He has created most of the beats you hear in his songs as well as created beats and songs for other Artists.  In late 2016, Antwon created his own record label called Kings Music Group.  His vision is to support other artists like him who want to create motivational and inspirational hip hop music!  He has his own studio and is driven to succeed.  He will stop at nothing to fulfill his destiny while helping others achieve their dreams in the music business as well.

Antwon King is not new to the music scene, he has been perfecting his craft for 11 years.  He has accolades that are very impressive.  He is an triple award winning hip hop artist.  In 2006 he won the Southern California Music Award for Best Hip Hop Artist.  Also in 2008 he was nominated for 5 Mavric Awards, and he was a featured performer on that awards show.  In 2016 he won the “Word on the Street” award for his music at the Ventura County Music Awards.  In 2017 he won the “Best R&B” award for his music at the Ventura County Music Awards. He has been featured on DubCNN.com, Rap Talk.net and various other websites.  He was also featured on MTV2 Sucka Free freestyle rap acapella on the streets of Hollywood.

Antwon is very dedicated to helping people and inspiring them through his music…he says “I hope my music helps at least one person and gives them inspiration to keep pushing even when times are rough.  It’s a bad time for this Country, this economy and people of all colors”.  He states, “I want to be a voice of hope…and still make you dance.”  With brand new music on the horizon it seems as if the sky is the limit for this Southern California emcee.